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    • Thanks! I have a hard time understanding that this isn't obvious to most everyone. I suppose that even among those who would consider themselves informed supporters of liberty they get fixated on life and get distracted by the T&A when they should be paying attention to and scrutinizing the news being presented.
      Thanks for the rep! That boy really gets on my nerves sometimes. The other side of the coin is that if INGO knew what a friend shared with me earlier, no one, I mean no one would take him and his self-righteous rugged individualism seriously. That said, it is not my story to tell and I agreed not to tell it.
      Your welcome. Yep, one thing we had drilled into us was not to overthink things.he said I was trying to give advise but really I was just making a comment on how nothing is indestructible, and now he has a hard on for me.
      Hah, no worries. I wanted to continue the thread so I used frank's first response to the last one :)
      I think someone at one of the businesses there has made a complaint because they are scared little liberals so now they must be watching it. For some cops they just can't handle the idea of civilians running around freely with guns or ammo. I've been watched/spied on there too more than once.
      thanks for laughing at the jokes. i left out how, in her spare time, she has a job chewing trees into baseball bats.
      It sounds like it has become even worse. My last round, the biggest irritation was that even though it was a blind background check without much direct participation, I got double-dipped with the same check twice in order to get my TWIC card for the privilege of entering port facilities, including those in Indiana. If I remember correctly, they gave me a whole $20 off for having done the same thing twice!
      Thanks for the rep. I wonder when people are going to get a clue about this nonsense--even those among us here.
      It is indeed amazing to see sheep slog willingly through the stockades to their own slaughter.
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