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  • BigRed

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    Dec 29, 2017
    1,000 yards out
    With the current climate of the world, and the tragedy in TN, along with all the other school shootings, if
    you were to witness an individual shoot the glass out of a door before entering a school,
    would you say to hell with the law and any consequences, and enter the school with your firearm in hopes to stop the potential threat?
    Or would you play it safe and sit by while calling 911?

    Is this lifted from the new Uvalde, TX police officer application?


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    Dec 26, 2021
    It's nice to see those willing to do something, even disregarding their personal safety.
    This is completely hypothetical, but not completely impossible. This crap is happening more often
    and it could happen anywhere. I like the different perspectives from our membership, and it provides
    things one might not consider.

    School campuses are certainly set up differently, and some the schools might be out of direct sight. You can have a firearm inside your vehicle on school property though.

    I do agree with bobzilla, in that I don't know. Of course the mind is willing when sitting behind a monitor, but without
    being placed in a situation, it's not definitive. For some I'm sure it is, but for the general population, I think there might be some hesitation.

    IF, I were to encounter any situation as mentioned, I would hope I had the courage and mindset to confront the threat.
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