WTS: SOLD SIG Sauer Patrolman 516 - AR15 +LPVO

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  • Myrradah

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    Jul 11, 2023
    Hi all,

    Looking to sell my Sig 516 I have had for a while. I have to many AR's at this time and I want to get a specific firearm or two to complete my desires.

    This SIG is accurate. I use it to hit out to 600 at the local range and usually, depending on wind, hit within 1 MOA to 2 MOA (55 gr Target ammo). upper and lower are a tight fit, no slap.
    It is a short stroke piston driven AR. These specific models were designed for civilian version of the HK416. It was designed for Suppressor use and has a adjustable gas blovk easily accessible to switch to Suppressor level gas needed. Came with Ambi Mag release before its time :)

    Stock is a Adaptive tactical Performance Adjustable. Trigger is a Nickel Boron CMC trigger.
    Handguard was replaced with a Midwest 516 handguard.
    Grip is a BCM fighter grip
    Offset irons attach to rail
    Currently has a Ultradyne Athena Muzzle device installed. Deepening on trade / offer I can add in my Keymo mod from blackout defense.
    Had stop on the rail is Magpul.
    Will include original mag the firearm came with. (metal 30 round). Can add a few more mags depending on the trade offer or deal.
    LPVO is a Primary Arms ACSS Raptor 1-8 SLX. Its a great optic and smooth / easy controls.

    Its a fantasic firearm. Love it. But I have a shorty 300 I built, a short Faxon I built and a blackout Defense all AR format along with a AR10 I assembled. What I am missing is a 7.62 x 39 Firearm or a 7.62 x 54.

    I will sell the rifle as described above for $1800. Im willing to trade specifically for the following and nothing else. sorry.
    CMMG mk 47 7.62 x 39 Mutant or the new mk 47's they have. Mutant is a bit older.
    PTR 9 CT or KT
    PTR 32 KFR
    M1A from the 1940's not a new one.
    SIG MPX PCC 9mm

    Or a Combination of the following to get up to the value or add in cash.
    SKS from 1940's
    Canik Mete MC9
    Zevs Oz9 Elite (full Pistol not just a Zev slide so with the Zev box and certification docs)
    Girsan 2311
    Other double stacked 2011/ 2311 etc. (Stealth arms, Bul Armory, Staccatos, etc, you get the idea.

    ADD: Would also consider a side lever action PCP air rifle of high quality - in 22 cal to 30 cal. Prefer 10+ in the mag and 1k FPS.
    Would also consider armor, rig set up, some night vision stuff, other stuff everyone would love :)

    In state need to show me LTCH and license with at least a Bill of sale. Out of State is ok, but will require a FFL transfer legally. Im willing to work with out of state in Kentucky, Ohio but again - FFL required and deal should be worth it for me to make that drive. Sorry illinois - I grew up there and prefer to avoid Illinois.


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