In the market for a 17HMR

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Terre Haute
    How's come you don't want a CZ? Not trying to offend, was just curious. I've had splendid luck with the CZ's. This 452 is in 17 hm2. It shoots as good as it looks. My 453 in 17 hmr is maybe my most accurate rimfire.

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    Yeah, a 452/455/457 would be on the top of my list.
    Well, um, ya just CUZ. My shooting buddy has several CZs. I think they are very good guns. They can be real pretty. Good customer care. What's not to like? I dunno, just don't want one. Maybe it's like turning down a dinner date with Shania Twain to go for a swim with Salma. :dunno:


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    Oct 21, 2018
    Ripley County
    Since the 17wsm has let me down, I want to get another 17 caliber rifle. The two I have kinda/sorta gotten down to are the Ruger Precision Rimfire, or the Browning T-Bolt Target.

    Ruger has 1:9" twist, Browning is 1:9" twist.
    Ruger has 18" barrel, Browning is 20".
    Ruger is almost 7lb, Browning is 6lb.

    Usage will be making tiny holes in paper targets, as close together as I possible can. Anybody got any opinions (HA!)?

    Thanks, y'all

    $20 shipping

    TJ Kackowski

    Let it begin here.
    Site Supporter
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    Jun 8, 2012
    Hendricks County
    Just passed on one of those in the local supplier's place. Used, almost new. $519 + tax.

    But I did order a Bergara BMR in 17hmr. It was on sale, out the door price was $550. Pick it up Monday or Tuesday is the guess.
    Glad to hear you settled on something ... don't forget to post a range report when you get the new rifle up and running.
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