How to embed a YouTube Video


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Aug 21, 2012
It's pretty easy with one small catch. So here you go.

NOTICE: I'm using a phone (Android) with the mobile YouTube app. Desktop/laptop/tablet, Apple versions are different, but the principal is the same.

With your video playing on YouTube, find the SHARE arrow and click it.

Click the link that says "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" and copy the given link. This may differ a little from platform to platform.

Now back on INGO, find the Post Video icon.

Click this and it will bring up another window. This is the one tricky, weird INGO thing (at least for me. Some user don't have this issue for some reason)
Paste your copied YouTube link in the new window.
Now manually remove the "s" from the https in your pasted link and click OK.

The link posted in your post should look something like this.


Again, this is how I do it and it works. There are other ways that work for other people. Heck, there may be a far easier way that I don't know about. But this works for me.

Hopefully this helps.
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