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  • Thanks for the rep. I get so tired of being nagged to wear a mask for my fellow man. It just seems like a permutation of the 'do it for the children' canard, twisting genuine concern for the wellbeing of others into just another tool to advance a narrative
    Thanks for your offer, but not interested in tracers. I cannot shoot them at my range, not looking to super clean my rifle after every use due to corrosive, yada yada yada. Sorry!
    great transaction from a great forum member. literally made a father's collection complete. hope to do more business in the future
    Your welcome. Huh, it appears to have had no effect on me... that's really weird.
    From the other notes here, I assume you are actually a good guy. The WMD thing just pisses me off. We know Iraq had WMD. He used them on the Kurds and Shiites. No other country denied before the war that there were WMDs there, even the Russians thought he had them. Sateliites show there were a lot of trucks that went to Syria during our buildup. Who knows what was in them.
    Thanks for the loader and the help. It was great to meet you and talk about firearms. Hope we stay in touch and you are able to come over sometime and shoot.
    Thanks for the friend request, I am not real computor savvy so I hope I hit the buttons.
    i just dropped the price to 400.....400 is as low as i'm going to go....let me know...

    Very interested in Ap-9. New member so i could not reply directly. How much are you looking for??
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