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    • Funny you should ask
      Just called to verify a go yesterday
      still pending ...and pending ...
      Thought of you two days ago
      Been wanting to shoot some
      Yep, still at the school. Saw u got to go to nfa day. I was jealous. It should be nfa day every day.
      I've got brass if u r interested ...again.

      Was looking at going to that meet n greet in Nashville.
      Checking my own dates.
      Does your boy like I.u?
      Borrow? I thought you said give? Doing good. And you? Still at IU? I have a DPMS, not sure I ever told you that. I am thinking I am going to go with a PSA next time stripped lowers are on sale. Give me something to do besides casting and reloading.
      I've got some brass for You
      Ill be in brown County over the weekend

      Arriving Friday afternoon 24
      Still working thirds
      I plan to attend next month's shoot as well.
      U working Saturdays at all?
      Just a heads up
      if it rains they will cancel the shoot

      I thought I texted u today
      My calendar may be wrong...
      May 14 is a Saturday right?
      I plan to go to the bowling pin shoot for sure.
      Would love to see u there.
      U could shoot my toys as well.
      The rules don't state u have to shoot irons only according to someone who posted in that thread.
      We'll see
      I plan to go.
      Are u going to go with me to the bowling pin shoot?
      Monday night was a quick trip
      We'll make a trip up ourselves though
      sorry not yet, back in the states, they said i got some envelopes there, there forwarding them to me back here.
      There is also a force on force class at Riley Terre Haute Feb 5 too
      I'm going t that one for sure
      How was your holidays?
      I will be placing the application online, Monday and will email the students who contacted me and update the thread on the board. I'm not sure about housing. If you need their number, send me an email at, and I'll look it up for you.
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