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    • This one has been on as long as other. One is for profile other is for avatar
      Michelles cousin Jeremy started calling me that. Its after the hunting show Bone Collector on Outdoor TV(the host's name is Michael Waddell).
      Your stamp clear yet? I got mine at the last 1500. When are we gonna get together and shoot?
      I think it'll be whatever you want to bring. You might try to PM obijohn about it. or send Rhino an email instead.
      I actually went 5.56
      From Thompson machine.
      figured it would do everything from. 17 on up so.might as well
      September 27 went pending. What exactly are you getting? I didn't recognize it and am to lazy to google. I have a Huntertown Arms Gaurdian SS 22 coming.
      Saw you have a can on the way. We will have to get together and shoot when mine gets here.
      It was sweet! I will be having a quite version everyday before too long... stupid ATF paperwork. Got a can coming, been about 5 months now. Always use more brass. I got a Dillon 550 to feed now.

      He must like it, I never see him.

      I would love to meet and greet. But, I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT PLACE! Sorry, but I hate the owner of location. Not that I have a reason to, he only tried to ruin me... for about 3 years! But I am not bitter,lol he won't see a penny from me.
      Cool, I'll bring it Tuesday night, or can meet up with you tonight somewhere in town if you rather.
      Worked like a freaking charm. Very cool. He's ordering one today. I'll bring it with me to work tonight, and just call / text me when your not busy, and I'll meet up with you. Thanks again.
      If you get that slide fire stock, you'll have to come out to my place and play with it. I would really like to see if one would work on my M&P15/22.
      Awesome can. I really like the user serviceable design. I'm considering the 30 cal version, but I want a quick detach setup. Probably going with the SAS Arbiter.
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