S&W 610 10mm Magnum

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  • absrio

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    May 15, 2008
    Howard County
    I have wanted to play with a 10mm for a couple years now. I like the idea of getting a Glock 20, just not chasing down the 10mm brass. So I started looking at revolvers and found the S&W 610 chambered in 10mm/40 S&W. I a local shop today and found a 610 with 4" barrel they could order for around $860. Alot of money for an occasional shooter but here is my thought.

    I can have the cylinder reamed out a little longer and I would have a 10mm Magnum chamber. Right now its just a dream but it sure sounds like a fun gun. One problem I havent figured out is who would do the cylinder.

    Just to show the diffrences from Double tap website.

    40 S&W: 180grn 1100fps
    10mm: 180grn 1350fps
    10mm Mag 180grn 1500fps
    10mm Mag 135grn 1900fps
    10mm Mag 200grn 1430fps


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    Apr 3, 2008
    N.W. Indy
    I have heard of this being done by pposters on the S&W forum. All had great success. I recently purchased a very nice used 610 w/ 6" barrel for $600. It is a wonderful gun. Very accurate and quick to load with moon clips. Doesn't seem to be much difference in accuracy or recoil between hot loaded 40 S&W w/ 180 gr. or the 10 mm with same bullet weight. Proved to be a very nice bowling pin gun as long as I did my part.


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    Apr 3, 2008
    N.W. Indy
    For modification of the cylinder, I would recommend you talk to Ray Saltzman at Saltzman Gun Works. I know he builds some unusual modified S&W revolvers and my experiance with his machine work has been nothing but positive.
    He's in Tipton, IN 765-675-2040


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    Apr 8, 2009
    Jeff Gordon Country
    I would say go for it.

    The S&W 610 is one of the best S&W revolvers ever made, worth every penny. Besides with a 10mm Mag you automatically win the 9 v 45 debate with your friends. :D

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