Review: Xtreme Technologies Xlink BT Bluetooth Gateway (Black)

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    Item: Xtreme Technologies Xlink BT Bluetooth Gateway (Black)
    Cost: $79.99
    Company Image of Product:

    About me: User level
    On a scale of 10 in terms of being a handy man I would consider myself a 3. I know how to use basic tools but really HATE it. I do have a basic low end battery power tool set (drill, saw) but am never trilled to use it. So whenever I see “assembly required” or “easy steps to build” I run like a little girl since I know it’s going to give me grief. I’m putting this out there so the reader has a baseline of how “easy” the assembly will be even for someone with little “handy man” skills.

    Tools Required: No Tools :rockwoot:
    Equipment Required:

    • Landline based phone
    • Cellphone with Bluetooth technology
    • xLink BT (item in review)
    • Telephone cable
    I have no landline at home as my cellphone **IS** my home phone as well. Thus in order to use a DIY security system like the one from which needs an landline to call you or others that the alarm has tripped I needed something that could bridge my cellphone with the landline.

    The Xlink is a small black box that acts like a "bridge" between my cellphone and a landline by making my cellphone think it has a bluetooth headset connected to it. As such I can connect a landline phone to the XLINK which in turn connects (via bluetooth) to my cellphone.

    Set Up:
    The xlink comes in a small box.

    Inside you get the following:

    • xlink black box
    • AC adapter
    • Instructions
    The xlink box is a very light cheaply plastic outer shell for whatever electronics it houses. It has 3 connections on it's side (telephone line, AC adapter, and USB). The set up is as follows.

    1) Connect the telephone via a telephone cable to the telephone line on the xlink
    2) Connect the AC adapter to the xlink and power up the unit

    Here is how my setup looks.

    3) Choose 1 of the 3 buttons on the top to link the xlink to your cellphone. The xlink will blink on/off while you do step 4.
    (The xlink can be linked to up to 3 different cellphones at the same time.)

    4) On your cellphone activate Bluetooth and have your cellphone search for Bluetooth devices. It will find the xlink and ask if you want to connect to it. Say YES and enter the pass code of 0-0-0-0.

    5) The xlink will now keep a blue light showing it (xlink) is now connected via Bluetooth to your cellphone.

    Outgoing Calls
    Pick up your landline phone and you will get a dial tone. Now just dial whatever number you want. A short delay will occur and the cellphone will make the call and you will hear the ringing on the landline.

    Incoming Calls
    When a call comes into your cellphone, both your cellphone and landline will ring. Pick up the landline and start your talking. Note if you set your cellphone to vibe or no sound the landline will still ring.

    Avg. cost of regular local calls landline phone: $25 to $30 **AFTER** taxes vs either (a) already paying for your cellphone service or (b) adding a second family line for $5 to $10 depending on carrier (Note you need to have a second phone)

    The xlink needs power so if your house lose it then the system will not work. For the application I want to use it for (home security with an x10 product) this is one weak link in the area. However, if I have a thief that is cutting the power to my home then I have a much bigger problem. :D


    The xlink box does not include a telephone cable to connect your landline to the xlink so you will need to have one or buy one.

    The xlink can be updated via your PC and internet connection but again for that you will need a USB cable which again does NOT come in the box.

    In my setup you will notice that I have 3 AC adapters on the power strip. One if for the landline since it has a speaker phone and can accept 2 landlines plus it has a clock. Thus it needed an outlet for all this extra stuff. :rolleyes: Sry but it's the only landline phone I have left since I have been without one since 2000. The other AC adapter is for the actual cellphone. That is my extra cellphone and since it will always be connected to the xlink I figure I would leave it connected to the AC so I don't have battery issues.

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