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    • Thank you for the rep - shame the observations almost belong in the sad but true thread
      Thanks for the rep. Most people probably get bored of my stories.
      I've been planning a major update to my "Last Dance of the Thresher" thread.
      But, I'm shelving the story I had for part 3. I think I'm gonna just touch on some "almost sunk" stories, then maybe move to the death of the Kursk (Russian).
      " Till we heard the propellers go over hour heads"
      Actually, that was supposed to be "our" heads, not "hour".
      "Fires and flooding? On a sub? No thanks! I'd like to have the option to abandon ship! How the hell do you lose track of an aircraft carrier!?!?"
      My sub was old. They were in the 700s when I was in, and my sub was 611. Commissioned in 1961. Sonar kinda lost track, which shouldn't have happened at that range. We came to PD (periscope depth). Capt. ordered emergency deep, rig for collision. Everyone thought it was a drill he was calm as glass. Till we heard the propellers go over hour heads.
      I got my dads 92' Nissan when he passed in 2000....he was WWII vet and mechanic, they said that jap truck will blow up...he said if it did he go over and blow them up again...truck runs everyday no money in it....the Chevy is a $ pit....hate to say it but won't buy American cars again....although I hear Ford is getting more reliable.
      Thanks...Sometimes even I make sense............:):
      I have had some issues in my day and almost lost mu ability to own and carry. I try and remain grey to the public these days. I will not hesitate to use my EDC in defense I just do not care to speak with ill informed idiots. CC for me.
      I know damn well if I asked my husband to do the dishes or mop the floor he would be lost. And I'm ok with that (most days) haha. But It's ok cause I know i couldn't walk into his job and take a lugnut off a semi tire (diesal mechanic.) Men and women compliment eachother nicely, they compensates for eachothers weaknesses. As for school I agree they're trying to make everyone all the same cause if noone thinks for themselves theyre easier to control. They want a flock of obedient mindless sheep.
      Thanks for the rep! I'm a woman and I agree with you. Men and women are not equal BUT one is not better than the other. They're just different and god gave each a purpose.
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