Boxed Mac-n-cheese (purple as required)


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Dec 4, 2016
A good mac n cheese plan requires several basic elements: noodles, cheese, and a heat source.

Most recipes I have seen require the noodles to be prepared first before incorporating the cheese. I am sure we can all agree that the noodles are a requirement, just as I am sure we will never all agree on which noodles are best. My personal preference is elbow macaroni.

For the cheese element, I think we can agree that the powdered variety that comes in many boxed offerings is probably the least expensive, but also the least desirable. Pre-made sauce -based cheese (ie velveeta) may be more appealing to some, but lack the toothsome qualities provided by baked-in fresh cheese.

Be sure to stock an adequate supply of your personal favorite cheeses before starting your next bake.

Scratch roux can take a little extra time, but the results are usually worth the effort.

Lastly, location can make a big difference. Most of us are comfortable with our own kitchen. The combination of stove top and oven generally produces consistent results, but it sometimes necessary to step out of that comfort zone to make a mac n cheese bake truly spectacular.

Firepits, grills, smokers, and dutch ovens can all be used to good effect when the kitchen is unavailable. These options are also a great way to keep the heat out of the house.

Improvisation is the key to innovative plans. Before you start your next mac n cheese. Take an inventory of extras that are available. Jalapeño juice, bacon bits, or just about any sort of leftover protein can make the differnce between just a passable meal, and something that is worth duplication.

and remember... the best mac n cheese comes with PUDC for dessert.


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Dec 2, 2011
Wilson County Tenn.
Favorite at our house, Mac and cheese made with half and half, mix in your favorite cheese, add you your noodle of choice, place in baking dish, then add home made chicken tenders drizzle with barbecue sauce on top bake for 30 minutes, over the top good
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