AR15 back up irons?


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Jul 14, 2009
I'm looking to get a set of back up irons for my spare rifle and my top picks are Troy flip up and Magpul Mbus pro, would like to get some feedback from owners. They are going to see some hard use so looking for something durable.


Grayish Man
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Feb 11, 2008
Monroe County
I've only used Troy's. I wouldn't have an AR without them, even the dedicated .22LR upper.
The last time I actually used them was when a QD scope did not return to zero after reattachment. Pulled the scope, flipped the sights and started ringing steel at 200 yards.

The not so obvious use for BUIS it to verify zero on your red dot after removal, transport, rough handling, etc.


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Jan 15, 2011
Southernish Indiana
I run Troys on 1 AR, a front on 1 with a GG&G in the rear, and MBUs (regular) on an 15-22. I like the MBUS Pros and been meaning to get a set for my POF.

Agreed with above, there are a lot of fake Troys floating about.

I like my Troys, I like my GG&G rear, feel and looks I like the MBUS Pros but haven't had a chance to actually try them. I like how they don't lock upright so they'll fold if you run into anything, and the melonite finish should be pretty damn tough

Vlad the Impaler

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Jun 29, 2009
the kitchen
I put Troy rear sights on three rifles with the standard FSB. I don't have experience with the Troy front, but believe I'd prefer the HK style.
My latest build has a FF rail over the gas block and a full set of MBUS Pro. I do appreciate the low profile when folded and the ease of adjustment on the front post.
Either will serve you well. It's likely you could try both and not be out more than $20 selling the one you like the least.


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Mar 30, 2011
Yes. I researched this when I was looking at BUIS, and they both are solid (along with the KAC mentioned upthread). If you can, try to eyeball the different ones and see which one feels better for you.

(I opted for Magpul, but don't let that push you one way or the other.)


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Feb 12, 2013
I can also tell you the troys are super solid. Have a pair on my ar and they work great. You might look into the lwrc skirmish sights, as the rear has a rotating post allowing it to lay flat with either apature selected. The normal troy sights I believe will only lay flat with the small apature.

Don't have much more experience with magpuls other than the standard mbus, which are pretty solid.


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May 10, 2012
I have or have used the following:
Wilson, PRI, GG&G, ARMS, Matech, YHM & Magpul.
Don't really care for the Magpul BUIS.
Others have been good.
Wouldn't hesitate to buy a Troy.
KAC is real proud of their stuff, but it is nice.


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Aug 26, 2010
Fort Fun
I have both and I like both for different reasons. Yo uphold check out (you'd have to goggle, I don't have it handy) the test that was done to compare the Magpul against he others (metal vs plastic basically). I can't remember who made the video, but it can't be hard to find. They beat the crap out of a few rifles with several different kinds of back up sites o them and it turned out that the Magpul actually faired the best. While I don't think Magpul is the end all be all (not the biggest fan honestly), they took the beating a bit better since they were plastic, where many of the metal ones broke or became unusable. Just food for thought. If I'm being totally honest, I prefer the Troys, but you said "hard use" so i thought I would mention it.

**edit, I just noted you said MBUS Pro so that's not really plastic vs metal, but you still get my point.


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Jul 3, 2013
Lake County
Everyone loves Troy, but an MBUS is 80% of the sight that a Troy is at half the price. I've run an MBUS rear on my AR with a triangle front post for a year now and have had no issues (though I do wish they locked upright). Troys are crystal clear, though, since the apertures appear slightly larger than those of the MBUS (my eyes suck and pick up a slight haze on the top of the large aperture of the MBUS)


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Sep 12, 2014
I've got these FAB Defense Backup Sights RBS & FBS | 7.62 Precision Custom Firearm Finishes on my Tavor and my GII Recon. They're really durable and I prefer the design and operation mechanism to the Magpul polymer buis. The downside is they ship from Israel and it took me about a month to get them.

If you ordered these from us - they did not ship from Israel. We have them in stock as well as several other distributors in the US and they would have shipped from here. It is not actually legal for them to be shipped directly from Israel, they need to go through the importer (Mako) and be shipped from the US.
I'm sorry you had to wait so long to receive them from whoever you did order them from.
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