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  • Tried to send you a message back. Having issues with my phone. Please send the number of the gentleman interested in the truck via pm
    slow hand-- i am looking for a beta tester to test our drum adapter for the mini14 with a .22 conversion. this patented drum afdapter adapts an am180 165-275 round drum to the mini 14 ! we already have them in production for the ar15/m16 , the uzi, the hk g3/91/51, and the lage m11. we are now going to do them for the mini14 and the thompson both with a .22 conversion. you can view videos of these running on our distributors website ; just check on the video section and their should be about 6 or so videos of these running in the various firearms. if you are interested give me a shout and we will go from there. i am in kokomo. email =, fax 7654508304. cell 7654321205. we generally shoot every thursday aft. at bullseye in kokomo. thenks, dave
    Would I like to check them out?...haha! Of course! Let me know if you want me to send you a couple bucks for 'em. thanks!
    I would like to buy the Remington Model 11, after taking a look. I live in Speedway.
    still have the bushmaster ar-15? I have a sig saur 9mm and taurus .357 magnum I would trade....
    Thanks for the comments it is a great looking pistol.
    I may try the forum you recommended if it doesn't move here soon.
    Again thanks
    Ron Voyles
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