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    • Yes sir, preliminary school was at Redstone Arsenal Alabama then to the wonderful Eglin. I can't usually make it to the memorial so I try and donate. Glad to see another tech in the forums
      LOL. I was just talking to Que on the phone this evening. He told me the Mods had a meeting. My name came up for getting the ban hammer. But they decided to keep me. That is great news I told him. INGO is my life!! I read every post, gathering the wisdom of the internet.......................

      Well the mods thought it was funny. Oh and thanks for the rep.
      Thanks again for your insights regarding the Mauser I was looking at. Your posts are always thoughtful and informative, I wish more people we're like you!
      Thanks for the rep. I was laughing a little bit, and I knew you would understand where I was coming from. I can't help but be flippant and sarcastic with some of the idiots on this board.
      Likewise! I'm planning on getting a nice RRA or White Oak over the winter, along with all the odds n ends needed. Hope to see you on the range!
      Now I'm out of EYE, but first soloed at GWB (07C at the time) and later flight instructed there too. Also flew out of 4C2, 6C2, and ANQ with skydivers. Are Lara and Tony still running the place up there? I really need to get up there sometime and say hi.
      Wow, that was only 3 years ago... but time sure flies. ;) Yeah, that story was based on a real event that happened in a gun shop today. Could have turned tragic.
      Let me see if I have it before you go to the trouble of scanning it. Thanks for the offer and the advice too.
      I've got Varget, but could just as easily get some RE15. Just so I'm clear, you're saying 2.390 OAL and I'm good. My Hornady data book isn't handy at the moment, but I'm assuming the load data is in there.
      Thanks for the info. The only 75s I've shot have been the factory TAP loads, so the load will be worked up from scratch. Hoping to figure it out. I'm assuming I'll start with something similar to the 69 sierra recipes if it falls into same range. Does that sound about right?
      I just picked up a 100 75gr Amax to see if I could duplicate the TAP results. Hopefully they do. Just need to figure out what the charge needs to be.
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