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    • Thanks for the rep.

      I listen to a channel on XM satellite radio that plays the old radio programs from the 30's to the 60's. Phil Harris was a musician and comedian. He also played Baloo in the original Jungle Book cartoon. That guy was great.
      Thanks Frank! I don't think I've ever been as disgusted with INGO as I am right now. Sad commentary on the world we are up against.
      Thanks for the rep! Also, thanks for being a solid example of what an officer is supposed to be. It has been a challenging journey, but while the locals here are still highly suspect, I am thankful to have come in contact with some good examples like you who have succeeded in restoring my trust in the profession.
      Well, I wasn't really saying he didn't have any. But the question from horn was beyond obtuse. I was throwing an equally obtuse answer back at him.
      Thanks for the rep. That means this topic is as serious as vaccinations then... Yikes.
      Thanks for the rep. It's hard to believe he's lived as long as he has. But internet the macho man might really be some *****-whipped wimp in real life.
      Thanks for the rep! One wonders why those ostensibly irate about injustice are so willing to be unjust themselves.
      Thanks frank. I have the email to his side business so I will email him there as that is the only address I have. I'm gonna meet him for lunch the next time I'm in Indy for work. I have a couple Distributors down there that I visit. Have a good evening and be safe out there. God Bless, Al
      Thanks Frank...:) I figure that if a disagreement on an Internet post is all it takes to make someone turn against LEO's, they weren't much of an ally in the first place.
      Don't let the idiots get you down. In reality, it is pretty much like police work. The few get all your attention. Unfortunately you even have to deal with some good guys having bad days. Don't lose your perspective; the vast majority of us out here have your back, officer.
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