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    • My better half would kill me if I went back to late shift. For some reason she likes having me around. Must be my charming personality. :):
      Kidnapped...No. I got moved to day shift. : ( Getting up at 03:30 is a lot different than getting up at 15:00. Is it just me or does it seem the level of dumbass around here increased greatly??
      TFTR .

      PS knows this but you other guys don't so I'll say it now . Most of the time I'm sarcastic just to get a rise out of someone and I won't often use purple .

      Nine times out of 10 I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt before jumping on the bashing bandwagon . In this case I might have jumped the gun a little early .

      Good thing I wasn't too much of a dick in that thread . :):

      I really do appreciate the job you guys do , even if I'm a smartass about it .
      Thanks for the rep... Too many good kids would love to have this opportunity that would not squander it by consorting with that bad element and participating in illegal activities. We deserve what we accept and this behavior is unacceptable.
      After dark? No problem my wife already thinks I must hang upside down in a closet all day! Busy right now fixing up and moving into a new (to us) house and selling the old one but maybe I can spring free one night next week.
      Ain't gonna happen... He'll need some facts and reference material first.
      He's been looking for that "stuff" since yesterday. :)
      Thanks...:) I've put up with the MMQB's for nearly forty years and I'm fed up with their BS. Maybe we should "draft" people to be LEO's and see how long it takes for them to change their mind about the job. :D
      The thing is, I doubt they would reveal any information to a third party regardless... Maybe to a fellow officer or somebody else who shares their interests... Just as the OP of that thread wasn't bright for posting the whole story - I'm sure the police department has at least one attorney to keep them in-line [as well as policies that I am sure prevent revealing such information].
      I've no idea how departments look on that sort of thing... But hey, if I felt I could get some good information and wouldn't **** anybody off I'd call and ask :).
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