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  • Thank you for the rep. Although I lean on my faith in dark times, I'm trying to come up with rational reasons not to despair for the secular like Route 45
    Good looking out. I appreciate you grabbing an extra box when the opportunity popped up!

    Be safe, don't rely on low "confirmed" numbers. You are welcome to share this as you like.

    And, I am fine... just no time for arguing with anonymous idiots on the internet... more important things to do. Prayers for you and your family.
    Thank you for the rep. Be safe.

    Sorry, I should say a bit more... I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes a day on INGO.

    firstly, while Vandeburgh had one "confirmed" case, we had at least a dozen "possible" CV cases in ICU awaiting testing confirmation. And that is just at the one ICU I have family at... there are two others. Means hundreds/thousands of infected folks in the metro area at different stages.

    The only thing worse than a pol not doing something is one doing something.
    completly agree with you on this, looking for opportunities to influence “hearts and minds” to reverse big gov.
    Thanks for the rep. Politicians (and to a lesser extent, people in general) will put off doing anything risky or hard until events force them to make a choice; and I'm not sure which would be worse, a bunch of politicians trying to avoid choosing or a similar bunch feeling like they need to do something

    I hope people really get a belly full of gov't telling them what to do, that should sap support for Democrats and big gov't simultaneously.
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