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    • Still have room for any volunteers on Saturday? I have not yet joined GSSF and this would be a good opportunity to see what it's all about for me. Might be able to be there for some time on Friday and Sunday too.
      I HAD to get in the habit of calling her a blue heeler, if I say Australian Cattle Dog most people get a blank look on their face...say blue heeler and they "know" what I'm talking about, lol...I've heard the dingo line before, just not as often. She doesn't really try to herd dogs, but she'll put a hurt on your feet heeling you if you let her....and a great guard dog here at the apartment...she sounds bigger then she is
      LOL works for me, it just made me laugh knowing that some guys would get all twisted up reading that.
      I would love to help out all three days for the GSSF event. I sent an email yesterday. Please let me know if you received.

      Thanks for the rep....people make no sense to me. As gun owners lets STICK TOGETHER not argue about HOW to carry a gun....rediclious
      Hi i am sorry to bother you. I have the same type of gun (.223 sar4800) and noticed you have a new flash hider on? Would you have happen to put it on yourself?
      Hey bro! I finally made the move to INGO and am very pleased. I'll see ya soon at the range. I'll PM for more.

      TK :patriot:
      If this works... I just responded to your e-mail. Have a good one, and be safe. Tell Julie that Jacob misses her! B
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