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  • Thanks for doing business with me. Went and put 10rds through it and it functions great. It was great meeting you.
    Thanks for the friend request...I thought we already were! I think I'm losing it... :nailbite:
    Sweet! And as for muzzle flip...it's a little more noticeable, but not unpleasant. Just takes a good stance/grip. My kid is 17...been shooting it for a few years... and she doesn't find it too "flippy". :-P
    I also was gonna ask you if your Kimber Ultra has much more muzzle jump than a 4" or 4.25" model. I really like them but since my hand was shot by the CMMG conversion kit I have had to sell 2 handguns because I cant grip the short grip now, only full size grips.
    You are absolutely correct! and the .org is not full of pleasant folks either,LOL! I I just visited the 1911forum.com and I am a member there too! I must be older than I thought, I found 3 forums I forgot I was a member to. :dunno: Thanks JetGirl!
    After a quick search on the 1911 Forums, it looks like anything under $360(ish) is a really good deal! Congrats. :)
    And thanks for the friend request! I added!
    Sometimes the checkering is a bit sharp to me...so I prefer skate tape. Plus, the tape isn't permanent...if I chose to sell it, I could just zap it with a hair dryer and peel the tape right off. I put it on my Rock Island Armory, too.
    I don't know much about the Charles Daly, except that they used to be tied to the same manufacturer as Rock Island (Armscor Precision Advanced Tactical...in the Philippines). They closed their doors a few years back, but if you need work done on it, Armscor will honor the lifetime warranty. Their office is based in Nevada.
    That Kimber is SWEET! I want a VBOB, Kobra Carry and a Bill Wilson Carry for a start! LOL I just traded my bro-inlaw out of a Charles Daly EMS 4" bbl and it is nicer than I expected. Do you have any info on these CD EMS pistol
    I agree I too have short fingers and I love the 1911 for that reason. Right now I too carry a Kimber but its a Pro Carry II. I hate the feeling of the checkering on the front strap, does the tape feel better or less sharp I had a SIG GSR and the front strap felt like it was eating my hand.
    Howdy. I can't really claim a "favorite" 1911, because I like them all. I guess it's fair to say I'm *slightly* partial to the 1911 over the 1911A1 because my hands are small and that arched mainspring housing takes up a smidgen more space than I like. It's not "uncomfortable"...just not "perfect fit" like the 1911. I'd like to get a CBOB or VBOB at some point, because those feel pretty awesome in hand, too. But currently, I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II, seen here.
    And yes, I rigged it with skate tape because I like the friction of a checkered front-strap... :)
    I was having stove pipe probs and jams so I unloaded it and couldn't sell it to a friend being a piece of crap!
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