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    • Besides, I'm not copy-catting your avatar, I'm sans fireball, and shooting left-handed. Being Russian, you'd think they'd have a few bolt-action guns made for shooting by the Left...handed. Yes, that's it. Left-handed.
      Bah. I intended to get you some ammo, punk. You're also free to hit me up for admission to Eagle Creek whenever you want, on me.
      OK...... first apology accepted. Second.... It's not that I HATE the NRA as they do some good things, but they've had a history of making compromises in regards to gun owner's rights. Much like (IMHO) when we needed a true conservative Republican candidate to run for president and we got handed John McCain (Mr. Reach across the isle / Moderate). That's how I see the NRA. Do they do some good? Yes. Do they fight hard enough and smart enough? No. OK....... so we'll agree to disagree, OK? No hard feelings from me on this!!! :rockwoot:
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