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    You were dinged for posting in another person's WTS ad bumping it in violation of the classifieds rules specifically rule #7. Same as you did to someone else's WTS ad on Wednesday.
    All inquiries to an ad should be done via the PM/Start Conversation function and not in thread.

    Please go back and read the rules of the classifieds

    It has nothing to do with a listing of yours.
    I see that my original post in this thread has been deleted. I have a friend interested in the mags. His name is Jeff and his cell # is 317-224-8169. He is not an INGO member so he asked me to reach out to you.

    Saw your Masterskaya video, powerfull. I could not find a link for it, do you mind sharing that so I can share with non INGO friends.
    I did an internet search for it, but found nothing.
    Thanks George
    Got the rings, thank you, forgot to give you my name lol, by the way Im John. Can I get your information and I will get my wife to send a Money order. Wasnt sure if the return address was wgwre you wanted the money order to go.

    Thanks again
    thegeez, the 9422 I listed sold last night. I have other 9422 I'll be moving if you're interested in looking at a different one. I'm happy to send you info if so. I'm sorry this one didn't work out.
    I'm interested in this gun and will take it if in good condition,price and inspection
    If you dont get any reall loocal takers on hte Chinese Dominoes - let me know and we can try to work somethignout.
    Hi, thanks for your interest in my 9422. I live and work along the I69/Lima Rd area. Where are you located? I'm pretty busy most evenings until around 7-8 due to kids' activities. I'll meet for inspection as soon as we can find a time. Thanks
    I live in Kendallville and can meet you in the area you are at -whenever you can set a date and tim
    For the Beretta 1301:
    Looks like you took the mag tube and the red dot off?
    I can do $950 on this today.
    Let me know.
    I just finished your book today and even put a short positive review of it on Amazon. (Monte Moore). Hoe to see some more from you in the future!

    Good job!

    Monte Moore
    did you try to contact me about the die sets?
    Yes. I didn't know that you aren't supposed to comment in the ad threads. I'd like to meet near Greenwood this weekend to buy the 9mm and 45 dies and case gauges. I live in New Palestine. When/were is convenient for you?
    There is a Rural King located near the intersection of Smith Valley Road and US31. I could meet you there this afternoon.
    You may reply via text if you like. My cell is 317-910-7105
    Hi there! Saw in a post that you make Jude’s holsters? I’m looking for one for. G41 with a TLR. Is that possible?
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