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  • purdue98

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    Apr 1, 2015
    Oxford, Indiana
    Wife is an excellent shot. She doesn't much like the recoil of the larger caliber rounds (.40S&W, .45ACP) but she can shoot them.
    She is undergoing her second bout of breast cancer, physical stamina/strength is reduced right now.
    Purchased a M&P Shield 380EZ Performance Center for her. She has no issues with racking the slide, hence the EZ nomenclature. She is getting better with it. She also tried the Bersa Thunder 380 and like it as well.

    Purchased a Taurus TX22 a few weeks back. Did a thorough clean, polish and lubrication. She loves it. Shot great. Practiced at 7 yards.
    She also rocked the Grand Power K22 and absolutely loves the S&W Victory.

    She now has 16+1 rounds of Federal Punch 22LR in her dresser. She will eventually move to the .380 but needs more time.

    In 2015, I got her a Sig P938 because the slide seemed easier to rack and it is easy to conceal on her person. She has only about 25 rounds run through it.
    I was going to sell it but she poured water on that idea. I think because it is the first pistol I bought her when we transitioned from our 20 year best friends relationship to husband/wife.

    Take away. I was purchasing for her what I thought she would like but the best route is to purchase what she will shoot. For my wife, 22LR and .380 are about her limit of interest.


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    Dec 5, 2009
    Madison county
    I used to say first gun should be a target 22 auto. Something which thousands of rounds can be put through. So my first was a ruger mark 2 gov’ment target. Great Gun still shoots like it did thousands of rounds ago. I also bought 4 bricks of 22 the day I bought it.

    Then I bought a smith model 60. Then I bought a bren ten. (Anyone remember Miami Vice) the a model 66 smith stubbie, then a smith 5906 and sig P229. I admit the first ruger made all the above much easier to shoot even with zero of the above shooting like the target 22. I still mostly carry the smith 66 snubbie. I have lots of others but these are my main shooters minus the Bren ten which I was made an offer I could not refuse for.

    Wife started on the target 22 then shot everything she could get her hands on.must have been over a hundred pistols between range rentals and all my friends handguns.

    She likes the 5906 better than most but I think she still mainly likes that without a mag it will not fire. One button push and it is inoperable. She off body Carry’s a lot in a purse and the extra step makes her feel more comfortable with the gun. A few others she likes are ppk/s 380 and a colt cobra with nice soft grips.

    She shoots the target pistol and the sig 229 very well but says 357 sig and 40 smith make her feel weird after the shot. She shoots the sig. so we’ll I thought I was going to have to buy me a second one. I think the 357 sig ammo must send out a small blast wave she is uncomfortable with as she does not complain about any recoil.

    Weird that she loves the idea of the mag disconnect safety as that is the reason I did not carry the pistol after a few years. I read that a perpetrator would press the mag button if they got close. I think I was expecting to be fighting John wick not joe average bad guy. To much internet rabbit holes I traveled down.

    She says I over think everything and maybe she is right.


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    Jul 14, 2010
    NorthWest Indiana
    For home defense my wife will shoot and does shoot a S&W 357 with plus P38's in it. We have a few 22's for keeping our target eyes and for fun sakes. She also has a Judge stashed but carries a 38 on person.
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    Dec 24, 2008
    Way up North
    When looking for my mothers first and only gun several years ago we settled on a Walther pk380. They had just come out (its a first edition) and it has been a good fit for her.
    The two main requirements were ease of manipulating slide and lower recoil.

    My wife on the other hand is very small and has issues with racking any slide, issues with "complication" as she gets overwhelmed. recoil is not so much an issue within reason..

    First she chose a kimber ultra amethyst II which is a no go, she flat out cannot rack the slide.

    Next she went for a kimber micro 9 esv. It is better, she can rack the slide but she's not confident with it and has issues with knowing if it's chambered, knowing if the mag is seated, knowing the position of the safety, not to mention if there was a malfunction she would be totally done.
    I mentioned to her several times she should try one of my revolvers which she had no interest in, it's just not what she pictured herself with. When I did finally talk her into shooting my s&w model 19 she loved it and eventually claimed my 36 and 60. She is just much more confident with a revolver...


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    Dec 30, 2009
    As they say, something is better than nothing and if .22 is what she can handle, then by all means use it!
    I've encountered a few individuals, some older, some recovering from illness or injury, etc. and I've often recommended a .22lr pistol or, if available, a .22 WMR revolver (the Ruger LCR .22 WMR is an excellent choice as is the S&W 351 C or PD models) and they love it. My wife carried a S&W 351 DAO .22WMR as an 'office' pistol for a few years...it fit in the pocket of her coat / vest (she often wore a vest a work due to the cool temps the boss preferred in the office) and it gave her a degree of protection should the need ever arrive! Fortunately, she's never had to use it!
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