Which Ready Position is Right? - Master Class Ep. 20


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Feb 6, 2021
If the video is hosted on a site like YouTube or a file sharing or photo sharing site then you can post a link.
Ok. I’ll see if I can put a video together. I know I have one somewhere on desalting with a knife attach when in close quarters... now to find it.


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Jan 13, 2011
I think I might have to practice with that "high temple"; making sure the pistol is tucked in tight and not waving around.
Well, it’s a safer version than the “High Sabrina,” but I’ve always been comfortable muzzle down, against the chest. Very easy to “punch out,” and pick up sights fast.


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Oct 21, 2018
Ripley county
Interesting video. I usually train from holster. It stays in holster until there is an actual threat. Then it gets pointed at threat and then it's a process of is threat immediately going to cause harm or death as in he has a gun and is pointing it in which case I would probably fire. If he has a knife and at a safe distance away he'll get a verbal warning or 10 to drop the knife, ball bat etc. However, until there is a threat it stays in my holster.

Now if I'm thinking wrong please let me know. I've already had an encounter in my life where I had a guy who was threatening me at around 10 yards. I pulled my firearm out and pointed it at him as he advanced towards me. He stopped when he seen me pointing my handgun at him. At that point I told him repeatedly to drop the knife. I believe he was under the influence of drugs. I also believe he was contemplating if he could cover 10 yards and get me before I shot him. Luckily he threw it to the ground and I made a fast retreat away. That's my only experience in civilian life that I have had to point a firearm at anyone.
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