Where do you buy your knives?


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Mar 1, 2013
Hancock Co.
With the gun and ammo famine still going full tilt, I've turned 58.74% of my attention towards other parts of my edc.
I've been on a bit of a knife kick lately and was curious where others get their knives. I have been scoring some decent deals from Atlantic Knives, their free shipping with no minimum is a big factor too. Any other places with competitive pricing, no sales tax or free shipping?
Please feel free to hijack or derail thread with any other edc related items such as flashlights, multi-tools, ect.
Thanks INGO.


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Sep 16, 2018
Monroe County
There used to be a guy who had a stall set up at a local gun shop in Bloomington, called Indiana Knives. I bought some from him but he's since moved shop, idk where.

I've found some steals at pawn shops especially multi-tools. One broken tool or some surface rust lets me haggle em down to a very reasonable price. Leathermans can be had very affordably.

Also eBay. Check seller's feedback. Don't even look at reviews because reviews on eBay are weird, they don't necessarily have to be verified purchases or reviews for the seller you're buying from but they'll still show up at the bottom of the product page. Ignore them. Scrutinize seller's feedback closely and buy with confidence.
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