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  • wagyu52

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    Sep 4, 2011
    South of cob corner
    We fried 2 both turned out delicious. Got tired of keeping the knob turned on the turkey fryer hack with handyman secret tool #3 View attachment 238622
    I haven’t deep fried in ten years. Got an Orion cooker and did both but everyone preferred the Orion bird so I got a second Orion
    Getting kinda burned out on the Orion, not sure I’m ready to go back deep frying though, maybe a Pellet smoker.


    Я з Україною
    Site Supporter
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Fort Wayne
    I was kinda interested when you guys started talking about making your own eggnog. But after seeing the ingredients, it doesn't sound so good anymore.

    Does it really take a full pound of sugar to make a batch? I maybe only use a lb. of sugar in a year for everything.
    It's not like your drinking a lot of it; it's a sipper.


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    Nov 5, 2022
    Westpoint, IN
    Cooked a turkey on our Pit Boss pellet smoker/ grill today. First time and turned out great with a few tips from a cousin. Smoked on low heat for an hour then turned the temp up to 350 until meat was around 165 degrees.


    Just Me
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    Oct 4, 2010
    Went to @PhotoNinja 's Mom's for T-Day dinner. She wanted me to bring stuffing(dressing), so I did a quick and dirty bagged mix 'cause I didn't have time to do my recipe from Cook's Country. Turned out okay. (I was turning ~15 lbs of apples into applesauce this morning, thus the quick-and-dirty).

    But yesterday evening I made a pumpkin cheesecake to take. Haven't made one in a few years, and it sounded real good. Let it cool and put it in the garage fridge to chill down. Got through dinner, took a little break, then started in on dessert. I looked at PhotoNinja and said aw crap! I forgot the pumpkin cheesecake at home. I didn't say anything because her Mom was standing there( and didn't know I was planning on bringing it). So when we got home we had second dessert! :alright: :woot:


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    Apr 8, 2012
    It takes perspective on an odd measurement, it is unusual to express it in pounds, that is about two cups in near a gallon of liquid.

    Back to perspective, the typical sweet tea has a pound or two cups of sugar in a gallon.

    Before sweet tea was common in the north I would put 4-6 packets of sugar in a big glass of tea. Friends would joke about tea with my sugar. A can of coke has the equivalent of 7 packets of sugar and no one thinks that remarkable…
    Yeah, that's still a lot to me. I don't drink sweet tea either. And never touch pop.

    I may never make the stuff, but I would have a glass if someone offered it to me!:)
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