What do you trust your life to?


Grayish Man
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Feb 11, 2008
Monroe County
I trust my life (and everyone's around me) to the skills that I have developed through training.

The weapon doesn't matter as much, but I do carry a G19 or G45, so I have commonality in equipment with most cops, trainers and everyday carriers.
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May 15, 2020
My good judgement,
my training,
my Remington NMA .45 Colt,
my 1911 Commander,
my ATI 12 gauge,
my Henry Big Boy
my good judgement,
and when all else fails...
...my trusty 1851 Navy .36


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Feb 12, 2010
NE Ohio
The LORD God almighty
My good judgment
a fair amount of good fortune
My flight reflex
My fight reflex
Whatever weapon I may have

(it can only take milliseconds to go from normal peaceful living to the bottom of this list).


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Feb 12, 2009
My instincts
The knowledge learned from all the experiences and near misses I’ve had over the last 64 years
My cardiologist
My experience carrying and being proficient with a variety of weapons
My Mad driving skillz yo!


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Aug 21, 2013
God, of course. Goes without saying. Not to save me personally, (my soul maybe, providing I don't screw it up) just to have an overall plan where the good guys win in the end.

Next thing I can always rely on is a healthy mistrust of basic human nature. 'nuff said.

I trust in going through life armed, head on a swivel. (see above) These days, it's a Glock 45 with a TLR7. Have long guns available as well.

I trust in man's best friend. I've always had a dog, always will. Nowadays it's a bit different. Having had my truck blown out from under me in Iraq, I actually require one... a service dog. Still, besides the tasks she does to help me day to day, she's still a dog, so she still has all the normal protective instincts ingrained into her when it comes to her human. We still are alerted when someone is on the property.... things like that.

I trust in my wife, and kids. Unfortunately, I can't trust my entire family... I'm sure some of you may have similar problems. As for my own immediate family, (wife & kids) I could count on them 100%, because they have seen some of the others not be faithful, and that's the worst thing, for family not to be counted on.

I trust in the government... to always screw things up... idiots.
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