USPSA Advanced 2 Day Class with Robert Vogel at ACC


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Sep 18, 2009

Advanced USPSA Class

When:May 9-10, 2015
Time:8am to 6pm both days
Where: Atlanta Conservation Club 29595 Leonard Rd Atlanta IN, 46031
Cost:$425 for 2 Days.
Round count approximately 1000 +/-

If you shoot USPSA you probably know who Robert Vogel is, if not use this link to find out.

This course will focus on all that is needed to excel in USPSA competition. Fundamentals and techniques will be discussed in great detail and students will not only learn the “how” but also the “why” of certain aspects of shooting. From dryfire to basic classifier drills to shooting actual stages it is all a part of this class. Last but not least match strategy and the all important “mental game” will be talked about as well.

This class will focus on advanced shooting skills focused towards USPSA. This will not be a class for new shooters. If you’re a experienced shooter and want to improve and move up in class this will be the class for you.

Entry of $425 to this class will be due April 4, 2015. There will be no refunds after April 25, 2015.
If interested Contact for me for further details.
Daniel Hart

Limited class size, This class will fill up fast. Don’t wait to Train with one of the Best!

All USPSA rules will apply

See you on the Range
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Mar 18, 2008
Hmm . . . I've never been motivated to do a class with one of the big name USPSA shooters, but this is interesting to me . . .
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