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  • 55fairlane

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    Jan 15, 2016
    New Haven
    Ok INGO, do you believe? Have you seen one?

    Yes I do believe, but I'm not the weirdo who is jumping up & down going "I told you,I told you,I told you!" They either are or aren't, do or don't, not much I can do about it, but I do believe.

    My story.

    Late February/ early March 2012, heading east on state street in Fort Wayne, noticed 3 orange orbs in the southern sky, as I turned south on Wells I pulled into the Pizza King parking lot and stared at the sky for a few minutes, then headed on home.
    After getting home I stood out in the back yard watching the 3 orange orbs, no clouds, no stars, no moon, very very dark sky.
    I watched for 30 to 45 mins, then the 3 orange orbs rapidly moved together, forming a triangle, the in a blink, it was gone .....the stars, moon & clouds were back .


    snapping turtle

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    Dec 5, 2009
    Madison county
    We’re unidentified but now are identified.
    Drones looking in barns, over ponds, into garage windows, into House windows. At least with UFO’s you can shoot at them or throw a net over them.
    they had a plane circling over them mass of about 18 of them which seemed to be mapping the area or doing a search pattern. Not happy about the situation.



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    Aug 29, 2009
    A holler in Kentucky
    Years ago in southern Missouri, myself and several others, watched a bright light in the night sky sit motionless for a half hour or more, maybe a few miles west of our location. Without any noise, it suddenly shot towards us, and when it reached a point almost directly over us, it just vanished. We were in a very secluded area of the state, literally nothing but a few farmhouses within 20-30 miles of us. About 40 miles southwest of Ft Leonard Wood. I always suspected that place was the source of whatever it was we saw, but, who knows?

    El Conquistador

    Site Supporter
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    Jan 28, 2019
    far from here
    A good friend of mine that I believe this truly happened to told me that back in the 70’s him and a girl were doing what teenagers do late at night alone. He said they were out in the middle of no where down a long drive next to the woods way off the road when his car was lit up by a bright light, he thought the light was coming from behind him but he realized it was above them. He said they were scared to death trying to see what it was when he accidentally hit the horn, in a split second the light was now about 100 yards away. After a few seconds the light still beaming down on the ground started moving back to them. He said that’s when he started the car and drove as fast as he could back town. He is still convinced it was a UFO.
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    Oct 3, 2008
    On a hill in Perry C
    I believe.
    Two instances stand out. First one happened in winter of 1983-84. I was pulling security for a GSR team somewhere near the town of Bad Steben in Germany. Everybody there saw several lighted orbs traveling back and forth, just sort of moseying around, over the inter German Border, about 3-4 miles into one Germany then the same the other way. GSR guys tried to get their antenna pointed at it but then the lights would move rapidly. The radar guys couldn't get any sort of a return either. About 10 minutes after the display started jets approached the scene from both sides of the border but stayed well back from the actual border as required, and flew back and forth parallel to the border. A few minutes after the jets showed up the lights kinda clumped together and simply vanished. Another oddity happened later that night. This particular site was situated on a high hill over looking a river valley. About 2 hours later the radar guys recorded something traveling down the valley below our level at 1800 mph. This was reported to higher HQ. We were told nothing happened, wasn't recorded, and to forget about it.
    Second one happened here at home. Was hanging out on the deck late one night as I was wont to do. We live fairly close to the approach path into Louisville airport and UPS flies into and out mostly at night. Was watching the jets then saw another light coming from south to north at a high rate of speed, then it would stop, take off again, stop, etc. Suddenly it would zoom to the east then back to the west. Finally took off again to the north at a high rate of speed until out of sight.


    Site Supporter
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    Feb 27, 2010
    I think there is something. There have been too many sightings. Now even the military admits they have been seeing stuff for a long time. Astronauts have said so as well.


    Site Supporter
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    Nov 18, 2013
    @ the corner of IN, KY & OH.
    While I can say I have never seen a UFO, I do believe in extra-terrestrial life. With all the stars out there that they identify as having planets orbiting in the "goldilocks" zone, it seems that there would have to be some other form of life out there. It would not surprise me that when we finally do get to Mars and get a hands on look at it, that they will find signs of extinct life there. Considering it is on the outer edge of the goldilocks zone now and presumably transitioned through that as the solar system spread out over the course of billions of years, I don't think that is unreasonable at all.


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    Jan 12, 2010
    Ya I believe.
    Also pretty sure I was raised by an mib based on things I’ve watched. Although I don’t think the mib are exactly who people think they are.
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