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In order to participate in the classifieds section, you must have a quality post count of 50 or more

You can also bypass the 50 posts by BECOMING A SITE SUPPORTER HERE:

This policy is in place to help weed out scammers/spammers and gives our members a chance to get a feel for you as a board member. Do not attempt to gain access to the classifieds by posting a bunch of "one-liners". That will not work. Thank you and enjoy the classifieds!

Remember the classifieds are a PERK for CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS. This is either by posting on a somewhat regular basis* outside of the classifieds or by becoming a
Site Supporter. We are no longer letting members get their minimum post requirement and then spend the rest of their time selling in the classifieds without supporting the site that allows them to do so.

(* "regular basis" is at the staff's discretion)

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the immediate removal of your ad. There will be no warning, no explanation, no PM to inform you your ad has been removed. Thanks for your understanding in this matter!

1. Prefix your ad using the drop-down selector with:

  • WTS: (Want To Sell) -> requires an asking price
  • WTB: (Want To Buy)
  • WTT: (Want To Trade) -> strongly recommend adding a trade value or specific trades
  • Free:
2. All ads require your location. If you choose not to display your location in your post bit (info that appears below your avatar) you must include your location in the ad itself! If the OP gives a location, please don't ask where that is. Look it up!

3. After your ad has been up for 24 hours you may 'bump' it once in a 24-hour period. This means that no less than 24 hours after the last post in the thread, you may add a new post ("bumping") to allow your ad to come back to the top to be noticed. DO NOT try to get around this by posting "replied to all PMs" or something similar. If a potential buyer asks a question, you may ONLY answer it in your original post or as your 24-hour bump. Remember you may only bump it 24 hours after the last post. If your item is SPF(sold pending funds) you must edit your first/original post to state that but do NOT bump your ad.

4. ALL FREE, WTS & WTT classifieds on INGO require an actual picture of the item being sold/traded. Ads that do not contain a picture will be removed. Stock pictures by themselves are not allowed.

WTB ads do not require a picture. INGO Advertisers are exempt from this rule.

5. Post your ad in the appropriate forum.

6. No links to auctions. No links to ads placed on other sites.

7. Keep comments related to the ad directly and no ad bashing! ex. "Your price is crazy high. What a POS, etc." We also don't want to know if you think it's a great price, a nice gun, etc. Because ads move so quickly, the staff are having to spend huge amounts of time deleting irrelevant posts in threads to keep them from bumping early. Please keep all comments DIRECTLY related to the sale of the item in question. To clarify this, we mean an offer to buy/trade, a notice of PM, questions about the specific item, etc. If an ad states WTS then do not ask if they will trade. If the ad states WTT does not ask if they have a cash price.

ANY OTHER COMMENTS WHATSOEVER are off-limits and belong in their own thread in one of the other forums. ABSOLUTELY NO "Free bumps!" It's up to the thread starter to bump his/her own ad and the rules clearly state ONE bump every 24 hours. Do NOT ask in the forum to see pictures. Your continued access to the Classified Forums hinges on your ability to follow this simple rule!

8. Close your thread once your item sells. DO NOT remove the pricing that was in place as it will help cut down on the "What would be a good starting price to sell my XXX". Do not bump your ad by stating that the item is sold. Simply edit your first/original post and state that the item has been sold. Then close your ad.
Steps to close your ad: While viewing your thread, click ADMINISTRATIVE (top of the thread). Be sure CLOSE THREAD is checked, and click PROCEED to close your ad. Any ad marked SPF longer than 14 days will be treated as sold.

9. No sales of anything unlawful. This includes such things as suppressors and SBR/SBS, unless you have an FFL to permit such, and the buyer is to obtain a tax stamp on it. It also includes but is not limited to alcohol or anything else requiring licensing to lawfully sell. As "trades" are a gray area, we are going to err on the side of caution and disallow that also. If you have a question, please PM a mod and ask. INGO is the conduit by which you make contact with each other, and the responsibility for compliance with applicable law falls upon you, the buyer, and you, the seller.

10. No Price Gouging. Posting ads at ridiculous, inflated prices in order to fleece the membership or make a quick buck due to global circumstances will get your ad removed and your posting privileges revoked permanently. This practice is commonly known as "price gouging" and will not be tolerated here. The classifieds is a perk and a safe place to buy/sell/trade and we aim to keep it that way.

11.Phone numbers, Email addresses, or any other method of contact is not allowed in the ad. This bypasses the forum and opens up the classifieds to the public.

12. If you break one of these rules by accident, report your own post and let the mods know. If someone else reports it, it looks a lot less like an honest mistake.
To REPORT a post, click the yellow triangle found at the bottom of each post, and then include a brief description in the subsequent pop-up that follows.

Below is a template you can use to place your ad:
DESCRIPTION: (caliber, mags, ammo, scratches, etc)
LOCATION: (whether you are willing to travel and how far)

Put pictures here
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