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    Turkey Herder
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    Aug 22, 2017
    Outer Heaven
    Have you planned your solo backpacking weekend, RR ?

    Yes! The boys and I are heading into HNF next Friday! Only a one-nighter since it's Easter weekend. Time to test some new gear!

    The new pack won't allow use of the Alice belt, so I moved water to the side pockets. Still researching into bivy tents before I buy one, but a GI poncho will make a fine shelter.


    aka Bandit
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    Mar 19, 2016
    East of Hoosier45 - West of T-dogg
    No, I have not as I wanted to get it home and cleaned up but for you, here is just one. Needed to get into more of a cruiser.

    View attachment 266144
    Sure sure. That is nice and all - probably even pretty darn awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT....

    I don't see how you are going to mount a blade on that for dozer work at Patience's place?
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