Sportsmen's bill supported by NRA killed by GOP?


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Mar 8, 2012
Hopefully not Genera
NRA-ILA | Contact Your U.S. Senators and Urge Their Support of S. 3525, the "Sportsmen's Act of 2012"

GOP stops Sportsmen

It sounds like it died because of $14 million in additional spending it required.

So apparently the GOP has an issue with dropping $200 million per plane for the JSF (just for the plane), but conservation and hunting access? Hell no!

Looks like these are the key things that COULD have happened (I don't consider the guys bringing their polar bear trophies back as 'key').

- bow hunters could cross national park lands (where no hunting is allowed) to hunt private/public land
- EPA wouldn't be able to regulate lead ammo, lead sinkers, etc.
- excise tax funds would be used to create and maintain public ranges
- re-authorization of North American Wetlands Conservation Act, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Partners for Fish and Wildlife programs

I don't normally trust the government to do good things for the average citizen, but most of this stuff seems pretty common sense. Plus, anything that opens up more opportunity for others to take up shooting sports at a local public range is a winner in my book.
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Nov 11, 2008
This is political in motivation to be sure.The Union Sportsmen's Alliance are the ones who pushed this to pass.In case you are not aware the Sportsmen's Alliance is formed of 100% union members.
They have good intentions,but sadly politics will get in the way of what they try to do to some degree.'s_Alliance

*Edit.The membership is 100% Union.
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Kirk Freeman

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Mar 9, 2008
Lafayette, Indiana
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