Snap Caps & Dummies: how to Store / Organize

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  • 45sRfun

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    Seems like a dumb question, like, just put them in a box, but I have many calibers of snap caps and a recent incident caused me to wish for a better storage system, short of boring holes in a piece of 2x4 (well maybe that is the best solution but I would like to hear what others do. So here is the problem:

    I got my CA .45 Colt Bulldog out the other day to do some dry fire with snap caps and kept having some of them go under the extractor star when I would periodically remove the snap caps. Of course removing snap caps is totally unrealistic as they do not stick like fired cases will, but today I discovered what happened. I pulled out five snap caps to do some more dry fire. My snap caps are all jumbled in a single box. Well I discovered why some were going under the extractor star--because they were .44 Mag snap caps, same color, same flat nose, almost identical, just a hair narrower.

    Well on a serious note, so long as I don't put live .44 Mags in the .45 Colt gun I should be okay, mainly an inconvenience with snap caps.


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    Dec 24, 2020
    North Central
    Speaking of snap caps, does anybody know where to buy just the plastic bullet heads? I've got a need for a large number of snap caps, but they're stupid expensive to buy and get lost all the time in the grass. I figure they'd be cheap and easy to make myself on the reloading press if I could find a source for the flourescent-colored plastic "bullets".


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    Morning! Are the .41 magnum and some of the .32acp live rounds?
    No, they are apparently home made. The primer hole has red plasticity stuff in it for the .41 Magnum. The .greenish .32 ACPs had empty holes in the back and I stuffed rubber bits in the holes. I like the ones made with real brass and copper for semi autos and wish I had known before I bought all those .45 ACP. The aluminum and the bright color bullet tips will wear hard running through a semi-auto. Here is where I got the .41 Mags:


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    That's the ticket. I think I'll get rid of my plastic baggies and buy that instead.
    Where did you buy your box at Harbor Freight?
    Meijers. They had a bigger one I would have grabbed except it had too many latches (one on each of three sides) because it included a waterproof seal. Ues bar code to find online too:


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    $3.19 for the box, if i outgrow it I can use it for something else. Doing the job for now.
    View attachment 268968
    .45 ACP, 9mm, .38 Special,
    .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .41 Magnum,
    .22 LR, .32 ACP, & .32 S&W Long.

    The box above is approx 4" by 8.5". Today I was at Meijers and they had the larger size of the same box 6" by 10". Looks identical but larger. Grabbed one on sale for $4 just in case.
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