Snake ID. Jon Boat Cobra?

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  • Jsomerset

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    Jan 31, 2016
    Only rattle snake I’ve seen in Indiana was a timber rattler all the way up in Valparaiso in the early summer under a cement block we used to prop the gate open with. Glad it was a baby as it tried to strike but was to short to connect when I picked it up. Called the game warden and they insinuated I wasn’t being truthful and I had an active imagination. Invited them out and he said well I’ll be I will take that with me. I flicked it out out into the weeds from the mason jar I had it in. I told him to help himself that it was only a figment of our imagination. He left it be. Didn’t make any new friends that day.

    spencer rifle

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Scrounging brass
    Umm... unlikely. Probably a massasauga rattlesnake. Valpo is quite a ways outside the range of timber rattlers, but well within the range of the massasauga. They are small snakes, and might be mistaken for a "baby" of a larger snake, or it might have been a "baby" massasauga.

    Massasaugas, like timber rattlers, are on the endangered species list, to it's illegal to mess with them.

    Not saying it's impossible, just very unlikely.
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