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    Aug 17, 2022
    Cass County
    Its been a few years now since I've moved here to the upper north side of Cass County with my family and its been really nice here. We moved here to get away from California because you may already know its gone looney tunes there and also we moved this way because my wife has some family here in Peru and to get to know my Dads side of the family that's in Tecumseh Michigan. My Dads side though seem a bit disconnected tbh, but my kids have been really enjoying life here and to my surprise even more so in school at caston and my eldest has joined the young eagles at the local airport and has been flying around with some cool old cats.

    So I've asked around town here and there, but haven't found any outdoor shooting ranges yet where one can shoot for free fifty free. I'm into Benchrest or just shooting the **** with a great plinker with anything honestly.

    I've been wanting to get into lager caliber rifles to.

    Also I want to Thank @texkev for approving my request to join INGO on the same day I found INGO!
    I have taken the time to read and understand the rules as requested.
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    Dec 31, 2010
    You read the rules? I am not sure how that will work out for you, it is somewhat outside the norm. Welcome, Jim.
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    Jun 19, 2010
    Ok, now that you've read them, feel free to totally disregard the rulz. It's much more entertaining for the rest of us when new guys do that.
    Oh and welcome!
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