RMR Milling on a shotgun receiver?

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  • mandreko

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    Mar 23, 2015
    I recently got a cheap Maverick 88, and was pondering if it was possible to mill an RMR (Actually a Holosun, but RMR footprint) onto the back of it, similar to how the Mossberg 940 Pro has, versus installing a picatinny rail and mounting it up higher.

    Is this do-able, or a bad idea?


    ammo fiend
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    Sep 16, 2018
    Monroe County
    You might look into the Mesa Tactical rails. If the 500 rail will fit the 88, you should have a nice solution.
    Definitely worth looking in to. The flaw I ran into with that setup is the height of the optic. Many people will need to add a cheek riser to the stock. (Was simple enough since I already had a Magpul SGA stock on the gun)

    So this setup adds weight of the rail plus the cheek riser. Doable for sure but maybe not ideal
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