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Nov 25, 2017
I can see tall buildings!
Purchased a number of guns via RK online. I've learned to be PATIENT while waiting for the gun to be delivered to your local store. Their online tracking is terribly misleading, and I've gotten various answers from the in-store folks. I've had guns arrive in store as quickly as a week or two and have waited up to a few months. Last time I was waiting for a while and FINALLY arrived in store and was P!$$d to discover that very gun was available in the gun case (no reason to have ordered online and wait). SO, might wanna drive to RK before placing the online order!
Agree 100%! Same experiences! It can be very difficult to beat their prices sometimes, so I don't mind the wait. Their processes can be painstakingly slow, especially the in store part, whether you're picking up or "just browsing" KNOWING full well you're buying that beauty in the case today (even when they're not that busy!), but again, if I'm buying from them in store or online, the price is usually worth it for me. Now, depending on what it is I might be buying, if I know another shop (*close by*) has it on the wall, in their case or in the rack, I would probably pay a LITTLE more to support local and avoid the delays. I've done both! Thankfully, I have an RK near me and it's great to have all the options...online, their in-store supply and numerous other shops around town to choose from. I bought from RK (in store) a couple of weeks ago. Definitely NOT busy and I wasn't messing around (too much, lol!) and I was there easily over an hour and a half, probably two, but I had a new gun, so I wasn't upset.


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Dec 5, 2009
Madison county
Sear Montgomery wards western auto ect all used to get trade branded items from manufacturers. I wonder if we see some RK exclusive editions at any time in the future.

Normally they would be either branded different (Ted Williams ect) or slightly different (beech wood instead of walnut ) or even say carbon fiber barrel instead of steel.

I mean RK orders thousand at a time.


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Aug 20, 2021
Washington County
I canceled an order and a few weeks later was notified that my pre-paid order was waiting for pickup. Had I been a dishonest person...

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