Righ to bear 9M/M or 22LR upper

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  • 55fairlane

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    Jan 15, 2016
    New Haven
    After running across a great deal on a barrel & handguard I needed an upper to assemble these parts into.
    Apond advise from a fellow AR rimfire addict I purchased this upper no dust door/forward assist/ shell deflector from RIGHT TO BEAR . 20230317_194324.jpg
    The fit to my RRA lower seems to mate up well. The anodizing could be a bit better,(little thin under the ejection port) but for what I paid I'm ok with this.

    Next thing I noticed was the threads were flat on one side of the upper. As a machinist this screams "out of spec" & do not use! 20230317_194414.jpg

    You can see this in these pictures, so I grabbed my micrometer & calipers & thread wires . I gauged the threads, I check the bore,I checked for out of round and best I find the raw forgeing was slightly out of spec.
    A barrel nut spun on nicely. Everything gauged good.
    I finally noticed a slight bur on the face of the receiver where the barrel will register. This is fairly common in my experience. I will find my lapping tool (I made the tool) and lap the face "true" before finally assemble.
    As I did a quick mock up,all parts seem to fit correctly.
    At $59.99 plus $11 shipping (usps flat rate priority mail) I feel this well worth the money for your nest PCC or rimfire build

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