Revere's Riders Ladies Only Basic Pistol - August 20, 2022 - A&A Optics, Liberty IN

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    Oct 14, 2016
    Ladies Only Basic Pistol - Liberty, IN

    Overview: This course, based on traditional American service pistol fundamentals teaches “Hits Count!” This course lays a sound foundation for students to shoot groups under time pressure from a practical stance. Pistol 100 includes classroom and range time learning to shoot handguns. Students learn:
    • Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
    • Pistol parts and operation & ammunition
    • Shooting fundamentals: Five steps to firing each shot
    • Two Handed Grip & Stance: Isoceles, Weaver, and low ready positions
    • Natural Point of Aim
    • Shot Group Analysis
    • Clearing Common Stoppages
    • Whittemore’s Stand Pistol Qualifier
    Prerequisites: None

    Estimated Ammunition Required: About 150 rounds/day.

    Pistol Requirements: You will need a safe pistol with at least five round capacity to fully participate in this course. Pistols should be of a modern, drop safe design.
    Older single action pistols manufactured before the 1980s and lacking a transfer bar safety are the most common type of pistol that lack drop safe design features, as do some military surplus imports from Eastern bloc countries and Taurus PT-series pistols not fixed during an international safety recall in 2015. These pistols may discharge if dropped and pose a potential safety hazard to our volunteers and students, and are not permitted. If you have concerns about the safety features of your pistol you should have it inspected by an armorer or gunsmith before class.

    Required Equipment: Please review our suggestions for appropriate Pistol 100 equipment and plan to bring the following:
    • at least two magazines for your pistol
    • ammunition 150 rounds
    • a way to take notes
    • hearing protection
    • eye protection
    • plenty of your preferred method of hydration (both plain water and something to replace electrolytes you will lose via sweating is ideal)
    • clothing appropriate for the weather (loose fitting clothing, especially around the neck, is discouraged as hot brass can lodge against the skin and cause a burn)
    We will not be drawing from the holster in this class and we will run a “cold range.” You will not need a holster to participate in the class activities.

    Optional Equipment: The following equipment is not required but may come in handy at the event:
    • hat with a brim (to deflect flying hot brass)
    • folding chair
    • lunch
    • snacks
    • sunscreen and/or bug spray
    • staple gun
    Loaner Firearms: loaner firearms suitable for use at this event are generally available but limited. Please contact the Event Director prior to the event if you would like to request a loaner firearm.
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