Reloading press for beginners


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Oct 21, 2016
East of NWI
Kinda disappointed to see when Midway got a batch of Classic Turret presses in this past week they jacked their price from a previous $125 to $175, same goes for the Value Turret, it's gone from $90 to $135 @ Midway.


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Mar 3, 2011
Noblesville, IN
Yah Midway did the same thing with dies.

I was going to get a set of .450BM dies about 6 months ago when the had then for $33.00 a four die they are well over $50.00....

Other sites are listing them at $80.00!

I will wait till things calm down.


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Sep 2, 2008
I just got started in the reloading arts a few years ago, and worked my way into it slowly, over a year maybe. And money was tight too, so I started on a slim budget. I got a Lee single stage press to begin with, some dies, the powder dipper set, the hand priming tool, and then just added the components I needed (primers, powder, bullets.) I added a scales later, and a powder dispenser too. One thing I have not seen mentioned is BOOKS. I first read the 'ABC"s of Reloading" which I highly recommend. I actually checked it out from our local library - I told you I was on a shoe-string budget, right? I bought a few more later - "Lee Precision - Modern Reloading" and "Lyman Reloading Manual" - whatever is their latest version. Yes, you can find a lot of recipes online, but it is nice to have the written work to verify the correct loads. I actually found the identical Lee press at a garage sale for $10, so I bought a back-up, and the scales I bought from the INGO classifieds. Take your time, do some research and shop around.

Happy Reloading!
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