Raleigh Christmas Parade Accident- something weird about it.

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  • WebSnyper

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    Jul 3, 2010
    I appreciate the "devil's advocate" position.

    So, this generation of GMC 2500 has drum rear parking brakes. They are inside the rotor. I guess drums can get heated up too, but I don't think the drums, not being used, would get as hot as the disks. Also, it was a basically flat course with only gentle slopes over long distances anywhere. The speed was under 6 mph with the entire route being 1.4 miles, beginning to end, unless something was seriously wrong with the brakes, I think you can drag your brakes for 1.4 miles at 3 to 6 mph and have little to no appreciable fade, at least they won't go completely away.

    That generation truck did not have pushbutton start.

    The transmission is shifted from the column shift with a cable. (6L90, not 4L80) Electronics are only used to shift between gears in drive. It can be shifted into park while moving. Granted, if you have enough momentum, the park pawl can be destroyed and you might keep rolling. A few guys stopped it with body weight eventually.

    I am actually wondering if there was even a parking brake installed. I'm also wondering about something physically blocking the brake pedal from being depressed.

    Oh, and the rusty brake line issue was solved for the GMT900 platform which this is. What I can't account for is a guy making up his own brake lines to account for a lift.
    /prosecution rests case


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    Dec 27, 2016
    I just sat my 16yo who is getting ready to take his written test in my wifes car in the garage. I asked him "what do you do when your brakes fail?" Without hesitation he knew about the emergency brake.

    I did have to tell him about neutral or park, and shutting the car off (while still in gear) to make the engine act like a brake. But now he knows.
    Thank you on behalf of the other drivers on the road.
    Hopefully your son and his friends will talk about this type situation sometime.

    Reminder, a deer, ditch or tree are better options than a head-on collision.
    My own dad died in a head-on over six years ago (18 year old crossed the center line).
    Police said no drugs, alcohol or texting were involved.
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    Jan 12, 2009
    Fort Wayne
    Not a truck but I have driven a large handicapped accessible van, duel rear wheels, for many years following the Fort For Fitness here in Fort Wayne.

    I know VERY little about cars. For me, when I drove this, I was last car with a cop behind me. It was about four (4) hours of basically riding the brakes. The van would idle too fast as I got close to the walkers. Driving the van at about 2 MPH is very tiresome, and very noisy if the brakes are not up to snuff.

    Guy should have honked his horn at least. I can see the girl focused on doing her thing with the noise of the parade not noticing what was happening behind her.

    Very sad,



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    Oct 3, 2012
    I lost brakes completely in an older Corvette. The screw holding the bracket at the brake pedal came loose and the pedal was no longer connected to anything. Quite literally no way to apply the brakes. I pulled the e-brake and nothing, likely rusted shut as the car had mostly sat in a farmer's barn for 2 years as his knees wouldn't let him get in/out of it comfortably any longer. It was an automatic, jamming it in park did not do anything other than make click noises. I was able to steer into a parking lot and do ever slowing circles until I was slow enough to Fred Flintstone it out the driver's side door. Transmission wouldn't go into park until I was nearly stopped anyway.

    I would not be surprised if electronic or mechanical condition (or both) were ragged edge to begin with and perhaps a cascading failure. Like rear brakes were already shot, bro has been driving around on fronts only, then blows a line or the like.
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