Police Car hit by train with suspect in it

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  • KLB

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    Sep 12, 2011
    Porter County
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    You guys are surprised about the parking prowess of PD?

    Follow the fire trucks to any fire, you'll see that PD is parked prominently in the front of the building and watching the fire... wondering why the damn trucks aren't squirting water yet.

    If you're parked in the front of the burning home you'd better be shooting the fire out or pulling children out.


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    Oct 24, 2012
    Interesting thought. Can the railroad, locomotive company and the engineer ALL sue? I would imagine there may be track damage, train damage and emotional damage.
    Yes. I've had a case something like that.

    Garbage truck driver pulls out in front of a train (crossbucks only, no arms), become quadraplegic, truck driver sues Amtrak. Conrail owns tracks that are damaged, sues Waste Management, employer of truck driver. My client, Amtrak engineer, is injured in collision, brings FELA action (kinda, sorta like worker comp for railroad workers, but different), but did not sue truck driver or Waste Management. Everyone settled eventually.

    This case resulted in the most cringe-inducing experience I have had in a deposition.

    We were taking the dep. of the truck driver, as I said, quadraplegic- in a rehab facility by St. Vincent on Naab Rd. Truck driver was in a hospital bed with his head elevated, but cannot move anything below his neck.

    Court reporter started the deposition the way she had started hundreds of depositions: "Please raise you right hand...."


    Correction, I looked up the case in my old files. We sued Waste Management and the truck driver too. Also, the truck driver sued the county (Hendricks) and CSX/Conrail- something about not a clear view, but I went to the crossing. Crystal clear view. In fact, my client said that he saw the driver turn his head towards the train THEN pull out onto the tracks.
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