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  • Bigtanker

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    Aug 21, 2012
    From the rules...

    6) Do not post any written content that is not yours on
    Do not post news articles, content from blogs or any other content from sites around the web on . Feel free to post your own words and a link to the content but DO NOT copy and paste any text that does not belong to you on

    The staff has seen quite a few of these recently. We've been editing them when we can. But it's getting a bit tiresome. Please post a link to the article and maybe a few quotes from it. We really don't want to start handing out infractions.



    Don't Panic
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    Jun 20, 2019
    Calumet Twp.
    Can you please hand out infractions for stuff posted thats behind a paywall? :): That's annoying AF. (doesnt happen that much, but still)
    The paywall may not apply to everyone.

    Some sites allow x number of articles per (insert time period) for free. No one knows what sites you visit, so free for me may not show up for you.

    I subscribe to a local paper, some of their articles are free for everyone, but not all. I'm not going to sign out to see which ones are.

    Some articles disappear behind a paywall after a set period (or when click counts get high), so it might have been free when posted.

    Some folks use browsers and addons that defeat some paywalls, your setup might not.

    I always try to post multiple articles when I can, so that as many folks can follow along as possible.

    Now, anyone who posts links to FaceBook, Twitter, or TikTok should be auto banned, IMO. Those aren't paywalls they are black holes where sanity is sucked away.
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