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  • baranjhn

    Mar 8, 2021
    I really like 10 meter rifle. The old Feinwerkenbau with Anshultz sights is still amazing. Mine is 50 years old and needs seals about every 8-10 years. Once you get past the toy store pellet rifles, they start to get really good, and really expensive. Get a good air rifle in your hands and you soon realize the rifle is better than you can ever be.

    have fun!
    Since you mentioned your FWB. Here is a pic of my FWB300S which I've set it up for 25m benchrest. 3AEE6C6C-559C-4D8D-A408-F6DA746A5172_1_201_a.jpeg
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    Mar 3, 2011
    Lafayette, IN
    That is a thing of beauty. I never tried a 300 with a scope. I'll bet you can watch the pellet hit the middle of those target cards. Good rifle.


    Apr 9, 2011
    N.E. Corner
    No I purchased a 3 stage hand pump to start with. Compressor would be nice but I couldn’t afford everything at once. Yes the flash pup is a PCP and I am getting a lots of shots before it drops to 100 bar. Still trying to figure out ammo weight and style.
    Great looking rifle though! How many pumps does it take to fill your rifle?
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