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  • kaveman

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    Sep 13, 2014
    La Porte
    It kinda snuck up on me. I had the cats out and was digging out in the shop for gun parts. I heard it starting to rain and raced out to corral the cats. They're 9mos old and spoiled and I don't like having them out in the rain. Scrambled and got four in when the sky let loose. Somewhere along the way two got past me and back out into the pouring rain. Dragged them back in and was trying to coax the last one in out of the bushes when a lightning bolt flashed right next to us and he took off, idea where. So I ran around in the pouring rain for ten minutes looking for him. Never did find him but once it stopped raining he found his way back. He was dry,.....I was soaked to the skin.


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    Mar 9, 2013
    Looks like we might get a tinkle but that's it my way. Same as yesterday

    Nothing yet but did see lots of lightning to the south as I drove home


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    Nov 20, 2011
    Please tell me it won't rain again like yesterday.... Drove the car again and have no wipers or ac and she gets squirrly af in the rain. Ugh.
    Well, the wipers should be an easy fix.

    As for the A/C, well you don't really need that as much.
    I maybe use mine once or so a year, if I have to 'dress up'.
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