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Jan 16, 2012
Hendricks County
A few months back I posted a suggestion for some type of current or former military thread in the general interest area.

Here was the response I received from one of the moderators:
"This has been asked before and our response is pretty much the same.
With all due respect to the men and women of our Armed Forces, we, as an Indiana-based gun forum, don't see the need to have a separate section dedicated solely to military-related discussion. Just as we don't have one for LEOs, or lawyers, or dentists. Currently the Break Room handles such topics and it has worked quite well."

After mulling over this for the last couple of months, it struck me.....we have The Great Outdoors within the General Interest category. Is this not a place for hunters, fisherman, campers, and hikers to post within their specific realm? Of course it is. But what makes a hiker so unique from a dentist within the realm of Indiana Gun Owners? I’m curious as to the answer.

I’m not suggesting that there be an area for all occupations to have their own exclusivity. Currently there’s over 27,000 members on INGO. I’m sure that a sizeable percentage of those members are current military, prior military, military family, or military enthusiasts. I wholeheartedly believe that there would be active interest within a more specific area to post comments and ideas if INGO created an additional area based around the concept of our nation’s military and service members. It could be a place to post branch specific info, current and future military weapons, community veteran support, etc.

I am a Hoosier. I am a gun owner and supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am a Marine. I am a veteran of two different wars. How cool would it be to have a one-stop-shop for posting to people just like me and supporters thereof?!?! If there is enough support, would INGO make this happen?

Thoughts and replies?


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Nov 25, 2017
I can see tall buildings!
In a forum of this size and of this nature...I'm not sure why this isn't a "thing" already. What a great opportunity it could present for those who have earned it and maybe even more importantly, could use it as a healthy outlet and tool to more easily connect with others who have had similar experiences whether in and through traumatic combat deployments or not. I think the "Community Veteran support" aspect would be worth it alone. An older post now, but I hope this gains and gets solid traction and some serious momentum. Thank you for your service!

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