WTS: Mac 11 9mm with parts

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Sep 15, 2011
Beech Grove
Selling for a relative from an estate. Low round count Mac 11 9mm. Pictures pretty much tell the tale. Was professionally converted to use STEN mags. I have shot it and it works well. I have a dozen or so CLEAN surplus mags for it available to the buyer........... (EDIT to add mag count is 20 plus one with internal rust for parts.) ....... Payment up front to start paperwork. South east side of Indy.........$9000..Now $8500......... Added pics of spare parts and accessories. Going on memory; a fake Cobray marked suppressor, front grip with barrel shroud, original wire stock, mag loader tools, brass catcher(no kidding), Cobray marked sling , a rare wood stock, spare barrel, barrel tools, paperwork from STEN conversion, sack of pins and a sack of internal parts. Had a bag of buffers for it but they dried out and crumbled. Thanks, and yes I do remember when these were 500 bucks. New pics uploaded.

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