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  • ghuns

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    Nov 22, 2011
    We moved 2 of those down to my boss's basement.

    There were 5 people there, but it only took three of us to get down the stairs. Really, that was all the room there was for bodies in the stairwell.

    We strapped them to a two wheel appliance cart. And I mean strapped them. Not just the built in strap, but a couple beefy ratchet straps for just in case. My son and I, 200Lbs each, manned the uphill side. The biggest eater of the group, 275Lbs was positioned on the downhill side. My son and I had heavy nylon straps we looped through the handles of the cart so we didn't have to go down the stairs with it. Just slowly fed out line until safely down.

    It all went super easy. I was expecting much worse.


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    Aug 8, 2017
    Hamilton County
    I have to move mine from an upstairs bedroom to my loft temporarily while I remodel said bedroom. It’s over carpet so I found some 3’ long slides that I’m going to try. Once the room is finished, then the safe will go back in that room for good. Just about 16 or so feet to push there and back (same level so no stairs involved).
    Has anyone had success with this method ?

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