Let's See Those M1 Battle Rifles

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  • Mongo59

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    Jul 30, 2018
    I received my M1A less than a week after it was made and it still smells like fresh cut walnut when I pull it out. Heck, that was about ten years ago now...


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    Aug 5, 2016
    I want to say they did the first time I sent it back. The second time I sent it back, they said it was a "timing issue" and that's when they replaced the rifle.

    Interesting they gave up on it, wonder what it was.

    That's the best thing with the CMP besides the price. If there is an issue they will take care of you. My first Garand had a worn down op rod tab which caused the op rod to jump out of the receiver track which simultaneously ejected the extractor and spring into the unknown. CMP fixed everything, no questions asked.

    Good bunch of people there. I regret not taking a trip to one of the CMP stores back when they had M1s, carbines, 03s, etc, etc


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    Feb 15, 2010
    Clark County, Indiana
    I will tell you a little story about my six digit January 41 M1. It was years ago almost 15 when I bought it I was walking around a gun show on a Sunday afternoon it was pouring down rain. There was hardly anybody there except for the one guys who collect carbines and garand's that always set up the table then put the black netting over it and basically tell you to go away and treat you like crap. I really don't like those guys they're very arrogant and treat people like ****.

    I had gone to the show kind of looking for an M1. I had printed out some laminated cards that had drawing numbers and serial numbers by years so that I could see what I was looking at.

    So as I'm walking in there's this little elderly man in front of me with an M1 slung over his shoulder. So we are walking down an aisle and I come up to him and I asked him if he was selling his rifle. He said yes he said let's go over to this empty table and you can take a look at it well as we're walking over the empty table I see two aisles over the arrogant M1 Garand collector people all the time eyeballing me, this guy and his rifle.

    So I start looking at it and checking some of the numbers. He says it's okay pop out the receiver take out the trigger group. So I do and I look at the numbers and I look at the serial number and I realize that I'm looking at a pre Pearl Harbor M1 that is nearly all correct. So I sat there and I'm looking at it and as I'm looking at it I noticed that two of the jerk M1 collectors have left their table and are easing their way over toward us. Now I wasn't going to let these bastards get this rifle. So I put the rifle back together I look at the guy and I said how much do you want for it?

    So he stands there, squares up looks me right in the eye and says - what's your plans for this rifle? I look at him and I say I'm going to go home I'm going to clean it I'm going to shoot it I'm going to keep it and when I'm it's my time my boy is going to get it. He smiled he looked at me and he said - 600 bucks. I said are you sure? He said yes. I nearly tore my rotator cuff getting my wallet out of my pocket. I handed him $600 we shook hands I told him thank you very much he said I'm happy to do it for a guy who just wants to shoot it and pass it down.

    On my way around the rest of the show I got ambushed by the jerk collectors. They wanted to know how much I paid for it they want to look at it what was the serial number what year was it blah blah blah. I told them that they're a bunch of jerks they're not going to look at my rifle and they can stick it sideways.


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    Apr 14, 2012
    Hmm, with the giggle switch.

    How did it get into the wilds of civilian hands? (Should be able to go to the hardware store and buy one, but I digress)
    Well sort of. That is the Selector Lock on it.

    To be clear its still got the full auto parts on the rifle. But the rotating selector that puts the M14 in rock and roll mode has been replaced with a little nub called the Selector Lock. This kept the person issued the rifle from putting it into full auto.

    A armorer was required to put the aull auto selector on the rifle. (Roll pin).

    Many LE and various .gov department were issued M14 with the selector lock.


    Enigma Suspect
    Site Supporter
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    Oct 20, 2008
    When I entered USN service, I was surprised to see real M14s like we had in our National Guard Armory. I went into the Guards before 100% So Cal drudgery for the Navy. I was so happy that they had true 7.62 rounds versus the 5.56 I was trained to fix at Aberdeen. At the time, only the M60 was spec'd in that caliber except for some specialty bolt guns M24 / M40 and those were only covered in passing to 1) 4 hour block of troubleshooting / bedding for accuracy issues. Rebarreling was for depot level guys and you had to come back for that class. Anyhoo, I am thread jumping like a muthah.
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