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  • indyk

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Alpha site
    A few of my friends have been thinking the same thing op. After reading this thread there is a bit more I certainly hadn’t considered.

    I have almost given up on the idea but have been sending out the word to “lease” a stretch of land lets say, from a farmer with a large plot for an x amount yearly or monthly but times are certainly different now, my ol family name don’t travel that far anymore and the old timers that used to own the best shooting and fishing spots have passed on.

    The range I belong to is getting busy. I have been going there since I could stand on a chair and shoot over the bench.
    Trash, trash in the brass cans, holes in the canopy, non ballistic steel targets starting to litter the range, folks are bringing non members and they are now bringing their friends.
    Fortunately I do 90% of my shooting in the late fall and winter. There’s hardly anyone out there then. I have the proper cold weather gear to enjoy myself and my AK’s prefer the cold heheheh…..

    But the search goes on!
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    Aug 30, 2022
    Would anyone be interested in purchasing rural land for the purposes of recreation, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping?

    1) If so how much would you be willing to invest?
    2) Alternatively, does anyone have connections to land owners within 45 min of Indianapolis who would want to sell, lease, or rent land to a group of responsible marksmen?

    Why do this?
    I've been interested in acquiring land to enjoy nature, and shoot calibers and at distances I am unable to in Indianapolis. I also realize that I wouldn't use the land very much (maybe once a month) and would likely spend as much time just maintaining it as actually using/enjoying it. If others would share in the maintenance and contribute towards the purchasing, it would be more enjoyable for all, and it would be possible to purchase a larger lot.

    Proposal (What I have in mind):
    Option 1) Pool funds of 5-10 individuals to purchase ~20-60 acres with % set aside for operating expenses.
    Form legal holding entity with ownership stakes. Grant exclusive small plats for each member if they want to build a cabin or shed.
    Generate revenue either by renting fields, registering portions of property in conservation programs, selling private hunting rights, or otherwise.

    Option 2) If anyone has leads for this option, I'd be more than happy to compensate a land owner for use of their property to shoot occasionally. Compensation could be in the form of currency, ammo, security cam installation, or access control/gate installation. If you'd be interested in creating a small group (<10 people) if we could identify a landowner for this purpose, lmk.

    If this post violates any rules, I will promptly remove it.
    Love the idea! Unfortunately not in the cards for myself at the moment.


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    May 12, 2008
    mishawaka, up north
    Great plan but I am way up north. I have been looking to get land for a 750-800m range to get some good range info in several rifles but not a buying time now so maybe someday. Good luck on your dreams and hopefully find a way to make them happen
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